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What is GoGo Traveler?

We are a travel research company dedicated to digging way deeper than that average guidebook or travel blurb. We'll point you in the direction of wonderful cultural happenings going on during your stay. Sparkly gems to visit, duds to avoid. Local food and lodging finds, too. Whatever your style, interest or budget.


We know just how precious your time is...both when planning that next adventure, and when you land and begin your exploring. We're here to help.

What we are not:

Travel agents. Sales people. Middlemen or women. A tour company.

We provide initial research only and receive no commissions or incentives from the places and events we find and believe you will truly enjoy. You decide what to explore, reserve or purchase directly from the source.

Why GoGo?

We are pro travelers and rockstar sleuthers.

We know the ins and outs. That special sauce. What details to look for. What to ask when doing our research. And those red flags to avoid? Yep, we can spot them from mega miles away and give you a healthy heads up.

We'll find the gems that most travelers walk right by.

Just down the street, through that secret staircase, courtyard or a quick bus, taxi or Uber away.


The ones locals know about, enjoy, and bring their own visitors to. Not of the tourist variety, but of the true (old school) Kodak moments genre. Places and experiences that will be embedded in your memory long after returning to your day-to-day: the ones you'll tell your friends not to miss, too.

We save you time and aggravation.

Based on the questionnaire you fill out, our knowledge of your destination, and what locals and travelers have to say, your travel pack report will include a summary of our findings and all the details and links to get you there.

Details. Details. Details.

Where we GoGo:

We are currently helping travelers heading to Europe and North America. Do check back. We'll be expanding our areas as we go and grow.

How to GoGo:

Just head to our Travel Packs/Order Page, and click on the Pack that interests you. You'll fill out a quick questionnaire and then order directly through PayPal. Once we receive your order, we'll review your information, and let you know if we have any questions before we get started.

What does a Travel Pack Include?

• A handful of happenings, food or accommodation suggestions chosen just for you.*

Summarizing our findings, recommendations, reviews and the reasons why we think you'll love these places


* Generally our top 5 or so picks in one destination. 

• All Links, addresses and contact information: Everything you'll need to decide, reserve, purchase and go

• Other helpful resources we discover along the way

Can I order a larger Pack, a Custom or Combo Pack? Additional Research or a Gift Certificate?

Most Definitely. Your Local Good Food Finds or Just the Sleeps Please Packs offer a 5 or 10-Pack option. Pretty perfect for longer stays or multiple destinations.


Want a combination pack or something more custom? Just click on Custom or Combo Pack and fill out a questionnaire. We can also help with specific research on an hourly basis. 

Have questions before placing an order?

Feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to help via email or a quick phone chat.

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