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Dazzling Cubed! The World of Charles and Ray Eames

Happy New Year Everyone!

I just had the amazing experience of a full Eames immersion at The Oakland Museum of California.

How to describe it? Awe-inspiring.

Tactile meets mechanical mid-century. Beyond beautiful. Playful and brilliant.

The 200+ piece exhibit is beyond expansive and focusses also on the couples’ shared philosophy and designs from the get go.

There are films to watch, sketches to ponder, letters, graphic and 3-D designs to delve into, so give yourself plenty of time...and also air and coffee the museum cafe and sculpture gardens.

You’ll leave seeing everything after as art: all pattern and perfect or profound compositions.

Catch it soon. before it's three-year international tour ends: February 18, 2019!

Bart and airport close for out-of-towners:

SFO and OAK.

Want to learn more about Charles and Ray Eames? Check out their official website.

(From top: Floating chairs; tiny childrens' furniture (1945); the lounger experience, assorted arts and architecture magazine cover designs (1942-1945).

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