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Land Art Part 1: Art Safiental, Switzerland

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

I recently learned about Art Safiental, a Sculptural/ Land Art Festival in the Safien Valley in Switzerland. Think: 25 International Sculptural Artists commissioned to create site-specific works dotted along a 12-mile trail in a remote valley in the Swiss Alps. Very cool. Literally and figuratively speaking, of course.

The festival is free, as is the trail map. Accessible by foot, public and private transport. There are also guided walking and van tours, performances and events throughout the trail and in neighboring villages.

This second biennale festival wraps up soon, October 21, so leap if you can, and please send photos!

Me: I’m marking my calendar for attending late summer, 2020. Seems the perfect time to be in nature, art, and very far off the media and political grids.

Practical matters:

Public transit: By train, The Safien Valley is about 2 hours from Zurich, 5 from Milan. Exit at Chur, and then hop on a 45-minute bus. Exit at any station in the Safiental.

Lodging: There are a full range of options via Hotel and AirBNB in and around the Valley’s dotted villages.

Flights from North America to Europe: Check google flights and momondo for best fares. Flash sales have been popping up daily, via Scott’s Cheap Flights in the $400-500/roundtrip range. Consider a quick hopper flight from one of the sale destinations.

Next Up: Land Art Part 2: A Gaggle of Awe-Inspiring Sculpture Gardens Stateside


Art Safiental 2018 pieces above from left: Egschi Shell, Bob Gramsma (CH/NL); Circuit Board for Rock Painting, Analia Saban (ARG/US); A Hole in the Alps, Dig Collective (UK). Below: A Close Call, The Chapuisat Brothers (CH).

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