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Hello! Thanks for visiting.

I started GoGoTraveler to help people have their best possible travel-like-a-local experiences in Europe and North America.


As for me, I caught the travel bug early and have managed to traverse much of our lovely planet solo. I'm a research pro, an insatiably curious art, performance and good-food junkie, and I love sharing my finds.


Discovering the strange, beautiful, obscure local haunts makes travel magical.

Every place has them, but it takes some time and sleuthing to find.

That's where GoGo comes in.

Whatever the budget, tell us your destination and dates, and we'll find you those amazing discoveries. Lodging and food suggestions, too, if you'd like. We'll do the research, so you can just leap and go.

Ready to Get Started?

Just choose a travel pack: culture, food, accommodations

...fill out some basic info, and let's get you going.

or just want inspiration or a nice gift?

Check out our new shop. It features some of my favorite images that I've shot on my own travels, now available as beautiful fine art prints. I'll be adding new images often, so stop back and see what's new. 


Cheers, happy art and happy travels, Lisa

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